Scott Shamus

CHAPTER #1 Craig Friend. Read chapter one of Lake Kikipapi to see how Craig and Scott handle the circumstances that unfold.

Archibald “Archie” Rummage

CHAPTER #1 Archie attends the first story of the year around the camp fire, but has emotional difficult and erupts mid-story to storm off. Watch what happens when Dana catch …

Joe Portendorfer

CHAPTER #1 Joe is the jack of all trades counselor and the focus of attention as the reader of story one from the mysterious book.

Mike Williamson

CHAPTER #1 Mike is the husky active camper. You can find him attending the first of many scary stories to come about around the camp fires at Lake Kikipapi.

Margaret “Midgie” Johnson

CHAPTER #1 Midgie appears at the first camp fine story. Midgie is the out doorsy kind of kid. Watch her reactions as the counselors read the first story of the …

Lewis “Kootter” Mathews

CHAPTER #1 Camper who attend the first reading of stories from the mysteries book found by Joe. Lewis is 9 years old and is considered the cool kid at camp …

Anne Pyle

Lunch Lady CHAPTER #1 Anne is the Lunch lady for the camp. Though you can see how she became a more permanent fixture at the  camp by reading chapter 1 …

Nana Nighy

CHAPTER #1 Camp Counselor and head prankster; Nana is the creative counselor who heads up the arts and crafts at the camp.