Things Went Sideways and Down…

Side Story #5

Things went sideways and down…

Before the second scream in we find two counselors that wanted to play a prank, but sometimes things don’t work out.  Find out why, while the story of Ant Gal continues.

Comic Strip Script

panel one: nana and bob drop to check on archie

Having chased Archie to drop in fear, Nana and Bob begin to unmask and drop to check on Archie as things did not go the way they intended.


Fiddle, fuddle, faddily, fiddle sticks!


I need this off!

panel two - split left: nana and bob hover over in panic

Nana and Bob are hovering over Archie in fear as Archie lays still and lifeless with shock on his face


Hey, It's okay. Please calm down.


Yeah, please kid?

panel two - split right: dana and mother nature's arrival

Mother Nature and Dana arrive to see the situation Nana and Bob have created. Dana is Angry!


What the hell?!, Nana! Bob!

panel three: dana see's archie

Dana now see's what has happened, Archie reaches out to Dana and she runs to him.




I'm coming Archie!


Dana, I can explain!


Hi Mother Nature...

panel two - split left: nana and bob look panicked

Nana and Bob look on at Dana helping Archie.

nana and bob


panel two - split right: dana tends to archie

Dana hovers over Archie and tends to his feared state.


Archie! Calm down, I'm here okay.


They are Ant People! Dana, Ant People!

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