Suzanna “Suzie” Fernard

CHAPTER #1 Suzie appears at the camp fire to enjoy the first story of the year. She is the youngest camper and most helpful at the camp and even thought …

Bob Greenwood

CHAPTER #1 Bob is a Camp Counselor and like to play an occasional prank or two. Bob enjoys and runs may of the nature actives that the camp.

Tracy Mossack

Camp Director CHAPTER #1 – Cover Camper and Counselor at Lake Kikipapi, she is now Camp Director starting this year.

Craig Nguyen

CHAPTER #1 Craig is a camper with a┬ámischievous child. He can be caught killing insects or cause trouble for the nature around him. With his friend Scott in tow, watch …

Gemma Rachett

Nurse CHAPTER #1 Gemma is the nurse for the camp. She attend to Annie’s injuries after her accident in Chapter 1.

Dana Nighy

Camp Counselor Chapter #1 Attends the first reading of scary stories from the mysteries book found by Joe. Dana has a concern about Archie after his negative reaction mid-story.