Angry Angst!

Side Story #6

Angry Angst!

Before the second scream in we find two counselors that wanted to play a prank, but sometimes things don’t work out.  Find out why, while the story of Ant Gal continues.


Comic Strip Script

panel one: dana and nana screaming it out

In the dark of night Dana and Nana are fighting while Mother Nature and Bob watch from behind.


Dana, look I'm...


What the Hell?!


It was...


A Joke!




You're lucky you're my sister or I'd

panel two - split left: mother nature intervenes

Mother Nature Interrupts the two sisters.

mother nature

Girls! That is quite enough!

panel two - split right: dana and nana respond

The sisters look solemnly back at mother nature.

dana and nana

Yes Mother Nature...

panel three - split left: archie sits

Archie responds the the scene and starts to get up.


Archie, I...

panel three - split right: mother nature resolves

Mother Nature resolves the situation as she takes control of it.

mother nature

I will be walking with him from here.

panel four - split left: their faces

Dana, Nana, & Bob's faces are in shock in response to Mother Nature.

panel four - split right: mother natures final word

Mother Nature issues the final word on the subject and walks away with Archie

mother nature

Clean up! All of you!

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